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Kitchen Connection Goes to: Senegal!

Kitchen Connection Goes to: Senegal!

Sénégal celebrates an ethnically diverse population with over ten distinctive groups. The vast majority identify as Muslim with small minorities following Animism, Roman Catholicism or other Christian faiths. Animism is based on the belief that natural objects and idols have magical power. Many Senegalese, no matter their religious adherence, to some extent believe in supernatural forces and that certain people, like doctors or marabouts (religious figures) have the power to utilize these forces. Not only are the people diverse but the cuisine here is also one of the richest in West Africa with a fusion of influences from France, Portugal, the Middle East, the Americas, and Vietnam.




Traditional food from Sénégal is made for sharing where guests gather around a single dish, that is usually hearty and very fragrant to be enjoyed with a spoon or a piece of bread. Due to the natural proximity geographically to the sea, fish often is consumed with other meats like chicken or goat being popular as well, just at a price. Several Senegalese dishes also contain cereals like fonio, millet or rice with plenty of vegetables blended into the culinary landscape.



"Insider Foodage"

*Largest City (ies):  Dakar

*Culinary travel destination(s):   

*Primary Language(s):   French, Wolof

*%Urban to Rural:  47.2%

*Primary Agricultural Exports:  

*Population: 15,020,945

*Food expenditure for one week:  $70.77

*Caloric intake available daily per person:  2,320 kcal

*Alcohol consumption per capita: .70 liters

*Obese population: 8.8%

*Big Mac Price:  $1.19 

*Meat consumption per person per year: 15.8 kg

*Prevalence of Hunger:  18.4 Global Index Score




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