Kitchen Connection - children-book

Fruits and vegetables all taste great, but how did they end up on your plate? The fresh and colorful foods you know came from farms—that’s where they grow! Some grow underground and some hang from trees.
Can you find them all? Let’s look and see!


Every fruit, vegetable, grain, and legume has its own story: Where do they grow? How do they taste? And how do they impact our bodies and the world around us? In cooperation with Kitchen Connection, an organization committed to improving our food system through education, this colorful picture book introduces readers to the concepts of biodiversity, reducing food waste, and proper growing conditions for different crops in simple, accessible language. With cool facts and challenges throughout, fun rhyming verse, and charming illustrations, How Does Our Food Grow? tells the stories of more than a dozen of your favorite fresh foods. Knowing that our food choices make a difference in our health and the health of our planet empowers us to choose wisely. The more we know, the better we grow.

In consultation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and the School Meals Coalition, this book is a collaborative effort in and outside of the United Nations system.

Not only is How Does Your Food Grow? a delightful book to read, but it also educates young readers and offers delicious recipes that the whole family will enjoy preparing and sharing. I am sure it will be treasured by children from all around the world.” - Ambassador José Blanco, Dominican Republic

“What a great book! Whether you’re a curious child, an interested parent, a climate diplomat or a passionate foody, you’ll enjoy discovering the world of food and learn how we cultivate and consume our food sustainably. “How Does Our Food Grow?” is a colorful, fun and educational book about one of the essential aspects of our lives. A feast for the eyes, nutrition for the brain and a must read for young and old.” - Ambassador Alexander Marschik, Austria

"This book should be in every home, every library, and every classroom to teach our children from a young age how the food they eat affects their bodies and the planet. How Does Our Food Grow? aims at encouraging curiosity and responsibility around our food choices and practices from a young age.” - Ambassador Pio Wennubst, Switzerland

“Along with ensuring all children have access to a nutritious meal at school, The School Meals Coalition seeks to foster an understanding of food and healthy and sustainable behaviours that can extend beyond school, and into children's families and communities throughout their lives. How Does Our Food Grow? is a helpful tool in this educational process, as it reinforces healthy food habits in a fun, visual, and relatable way.” -The School Meals Coalition

“Children are the future of our world, and educating them about how food is grown gives them the power to make decisions that will transform the world's agrifood systems forever. This book is a fantastic tool in, ensuring just that and we can't wait to see it in schools globally.” - Kazuki Kitaoka, Global Coordinator of the World Food Forum and Vice Chair of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Youth Committee

Stay tuned for its release!